Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm workin' on it!

Well I must say day 1, 2 and 3 I was diligent about letting Jill kick my butt, but day 4 unfortunately between a busy day with clients, kids home and and outing with a great friend and her wee'uns I ended up missing day 4 (don't tell Jill!).  I will pick up day 4 today, one day behind schedule, but on a great note I got into my Lucky Brand jeans today, whoop whoop!

How you doin'?

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Just saw this site in your profile! You are a busy bee! Hows the 30 day shred going, with all the shoveling and such you dont need the work out too, although it would make a double work out. I been doing that occasionally. But not on the 30 day shred. I work out on the gazelle and many floor exercises for abs etc. Havent dug out the aerobic tapes yet, DH home painting and he laughs when I do the gazelle! LOL! When hes back to work I will attempt the tapes. Yes Tapes not dvds..old school for sure!
Being faithful with the daily workouts now need to really stop the occasional treat and I will see more weight lost. Only 3 lbs so far, but thats better then none, and hey sore legs and back tell me I must be doing something right.